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      Screw Diameter: Φ10mm-Φ350mm
      Screw Maximal Length: 8000mm
      Barrel Inner Diameter: Φ10mm-Φ350mm
      Barrel Maximal Length: 7000mm

      Bimetallic Alloy Material:
      1. Ni-based alloy/Deloro alloy
      2. Fe-based alloy
      3. Co-based alloy
      4. NiCo-based alloy
      5. Tungsten carbide/Wolfram carbide

      Advantages of bimetallic screw barrel:
      Wear-resisting, extending lifetime of screw barrel, especially aiming at recycle material, raw material compound high percents Calcium powder, 30% glass fiber, nylon etc, the effects are perfect. Different bimetallic alloy materials are available for different raw material.


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