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      In past 20 years, Jinli was growing up under many plastic machinery manufacturers’ and users’ supports, built more and more long-term cooperators. We texted and imported many advanced equipments, and improved our production capacity step by step. We adopt the most modern management – “5A”, to make worker operating conscientious and each department interworking promptly. Our production equipments contain CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, barrel drilling machines, grinding machines, honing machines, boring mill machines, temper furnaces, nitriding furnaces and etc.

      4 Meter CNC Lathe   4 Meter Drilling Machine   6 Meter Grinding Machine
      6 Meter CNC Lathe   6 Meter CNT Milling Machine   Nitriding Furnace
      Thread Bottom Grinding Machine   Temper Furnace   Bimetallic Centrifugal Casting
      Bimetallic Welding   Boring Mill Machine   Groove Milling Machine
      Honing Machine  
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